Internet Explore Security Vulnerability!


Security warning advisory was issued by Microsoft on Saturday about Internet Explorer web browser vulnerability. This bug allows malicious “remote hacker code execution”. It is currently susceptible to all versions of IE and there is no patch available at this point. If you are using windows XP you will not be able to apply the new patch since Microsoft no longer support windows XP.

We recommend if you are running windows as your operating system, use one of the following browser until issues has been resolved.

You can read more on this issue on:

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Heartbleed SSL Encryption Vuluerability

We recommend changing your online accounts password to protect yourself from the most recently publicized SSL encryption vulnerability known as Heartbleed, this is not a matter to take lightly. Update All your online accounts (Social Media, Emails, Online Bank Account)
For more resource on how to update your password read our blog post –My Password is 123


Mashable gives more insight on major online website that are affected and you need to update your password immediately.

What is Heartbleed?


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Authentic Imaging Launches Wyo-Ben’s Website

Wyo-Ben is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality Bentonite Clay based products.
Wyo-Ben’s products are used globally in applications such as:

  • Oil
  • Gas
  • Water Well Drilling
  • Metal Casting
  • Environmental Construction and Remediation
  • Hazardous Waste Treatment
  • Cat Litter
  • Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

As well as many other industrial and consumer related products, Wyoming Bentonite is regarded as the highest quality Bentonite in the world.


Corporate Office Billings, Montana

Global Manufacture – Bentonite Clay

Website Solution

  • Vendors Location
  • Drilling Fluid Calculations
  • Product Information

Visit Website:

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