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Generate revenue by partnering with an agency that can provide you with a full marketing solution system that handles the full buyers journey.   

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Industries Serviced

Industries we serve

We have battle-tested solutions for the following industries 

Real Estate



Home Professionals


We Offer Exclusive Area Partnerships for Businesses that Don't Want the Same Agency Working with their Competition.

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Mark White Fine Art

Partnership 2018 - To Date


  • Audience Discovery with detailed targeting.
  • Cost per lead less than $2.00
  • $30K to $50k Monthly Re-occuring (MRR)

Next Home Fredricksen

Partnership - 2020 -  To Date

Real Estate Brokrage

  • Audience Discovery with Detailed targeting
  • Cost per lead less than $3.00
  • Leads per month 100+
  • Monthly Hands off 5 to 10

Alpha Omega Restoration

Partnership 2015 - To Date

Home Service Professional

  • Developed a unique solution for Local digital dominance  
  • Results - 10x Growth 

Big Sky Contractors

Engaging over 50K Residence within a 50 miles Radius of Billings.

Home Service Professional

  • Engaging – 50k
  • Cost per Lead – $1.92
  • Unique Landing page Web Traffic – 1000
  • Opt-In – 44
  • Sale over a $100k

Work with a Certified Digital Consultant

Changing Digital Marketing Landscape - How Authentic Imaging Can Help

Authentic Imaging is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers web development, mobile app development, digital marketing services, so you don’t have to handle multiple teams anymore. With years of experience Authentic Imaging has attained 100% customer satisfaction, we strive hard to accomplish your business goals. 

Before we jump into further details let’s first understand what Digital Marketing Landscape is?

Digital Marketing Landscape involves all the digital medium of communication with the consumers and the brands, 

  1. Website
  2. Social Media
  3. Mobile Device
  4. Internet
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Video Marketing

Digital Marketing has seen a lot of major changes happening in the recent years, technological innovations are having a bigger impact on digital marketing and how consumers interact with the brand. If you are not making yourself upgrade with time, you will start seeing a sharp decline in the market share. 

With years of experience working on different industries and verticals we have been successful in bringing consistent results for our clients, most of our clients we are working for, are associated with us for more than 5 years, we have kept them updated with time and have delivered consistent long term results,  one major advantage of working with us is that we are a full service digital marketing agency and with every single update in the market, government policies, demography or technology, we don’t let our clients suffer. 

We keep improving our services to meet the demand of the changing external environment. Following are the services we offer:

  • Web Development
    1. SaaS Business
    2. E-Commerce Companies
    3. Real Estate Agencies/Brokerage
    4. Professional Services – Local Business
    5. Health Sector
    6. Startups
  • Digital Marketing Service
    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    2. Pay Per Click
    3. Email Marketing
    4. Social Media Marketing
    5. Video Marketing
    6. Influencer Marketing
    7. Affiliate Marketing
  • Mobile App Development (Android & iOS)
    1. Native App
    2. Hybrid App
    3. Web Apps

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, we have a plan for you, our custom web development and digital marketing services enables us to service businesses of any size from any industry.

Philip Agyeman-Budu Billings Enterpreneur