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To Maximize Return On Your Ad Spends

Get the maximum value out of every single dollar spent on your ads. Paid Ads have proven to be the best source of instant ROI if done correctly.

With years of experience our team of experts can get you the maximum ROI within minimum time frame.

Show Your Ads On Top

Search Campaigns

Be in front of your target audience when they are searching for products/services you are offering

Brand Awareness | Recall


There is a lot research happening at the customers' end, promote your brand while they are researching.

Promote Products

Shopping Campaigns

Have a physical product? Give direct exposures to the products when actual buyers are searching for them,

More Footfalls & Calls

Local Campaigns

Most of the users in your area are looking for products/services online via mobile device, mark your presence felt.

Engage While They Swipe

Facebook Ads

Generate qualified traffic, leads and get more sales from one of the widely used social media platform

Build Your Brand

Video Campaigns

Increase understanding of your brand/product & attain higher returns on your investment with Video Ads


Attaining ROI Goals With Paid Ads Across Industries


Local Businesses


Real Estate


Grow your MRR/ARR with paid advertisement, we work on understanding the platform and the right audience for your service, with our advanced keyword research we handpick relevant keywords and create a dynamic combination of keywords-Ad Copy-Landing Pages.

Our ultimate goals is to bring the cost per acquisition down by getting quality traffic on website & control the churn rates

Local Businesses

Get maximum footfalls and calls with paid advertisement, be found when people are looking for your product/services online in your area.

Some of the local professional businesess niches we have grown to 7 figures in annual income:

  1. Disaster Restoration
  2. Plumbing Services
  3. Real Estate etc.


Get more sales and qualified leads with a paid advertisements for your eCommerce store.

We create a perfect mix of different campaign types to get you the desired outcome, the service includes:

  1. Media Buying
  2. Conversion Rate Optimization
  3. Product Feed Management
  4. Re-Marketing
  5. CPC Monitoring
  6. User Experience Enrichment

as a key factors for attaining return on your ad spends.

Real Estate

Get more qualified buyer/seller leads with paid advertisement, the real estate industry has a cutthroat competition, what your ad copy on Search Engine Results Page says matters the most.

We go behind the psychology of the buyers and sellers and optimize for clicks on ads, our ad copy gets maximum attention resulting in qualified traffic on your website.

The process includes:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Copy-writing
  3. Landing Page Optimization
  4. Funnel Analysis
  5. Re-targeting Dropouts
what we offer

Custom Solutions For Your Business

Based on the industry you are in, and the product/service you offer, we don’t follow a cookie cutter approach but have a custom strategy for each business

Matching Your Business Theme

Innovative Ad Creatives

Our team of expert designers delivers innovative creative solutions based on your Brand theme.

Speak The Same Language

Engaging Copywriting

Get maximum attention and engagement on your post with creative copywriting.

Custom Dashboards

Metrics That Matters The Most

We build custom dashboards with key performance indicators that matters the most to attain your business goals.

Plan To Scale

Not Limited To What We Get

All our strategies are long term and aimed at getting the required business growth.


Designed to meet your specific needs

Starting At

  • Keyword Research
  • GoogleAds | BingAds
  • Facebook | Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Competition Analysis

Paid Advertising

Whether you are a startup or a established business, a small size business or a large enterprise, we have plans for every business.

Having worked for different industries, on different business models and with varied business categories we have developed strategies that works under any circumstance. 

We have shown above standard results on key performance indicators, and guarantee returns within 7 Days of the start of the campaign.

Let’s schedule a call to discuss your requirements in details.


Marketing Results Case Study on how We 10X a General Contractor’s Sales in 2 Months

Key metrics you should check with your Digital Marketing Agency to monitor their performance!

Once you hire a digital marketing agency for paid ads, here are a few key metrics that you can closely monitor to keep a tabs on agency’s performance:

  1. ROAS
  2. Cost Per Acquisition
  3. MoM | QoQ | YoY Growth Rate
  4. Customer Lifetime Value
  5. Lead to Sales Conversion Rate
  6. Traffic to Leads Conversion Rate
  7. MRR & ARR (SaaS Business)
  8. Net Profit

It completely depends on how much time it has been since your new agency has started working on your project but it is always good to share goals so that from the very start agencies can start working towards your intended business goal.

There are certain key metrics listed above that you can check on a weekly or monthly basis with your agency in order to make sure that you are on the right track.

ROAS: Return on ad spends: This will help you understand how much direct return are you getting from your ads, it tells the effectiveness of the ads that your agency is running for you and can help differentiate or compare performances of two different ad campaigns.

Cost Per Acquisition: These metrics help you understand the cost you are incurring for acquiring a sale, this is really helpful to know if you have low margins on the product/service you are offering and you want to make sure every sale is profitable. If your agency is not able to keep this under a certain limit you can always ask them the strategy they are following.

MoM | QoQ | YoY Growth Rate: Very important to know if your business is growing with time or not and is a clear performance indicator of your Agency, if you are not seeing consistent growth coming in you can always ask for these metrics and understand why the agency is not able to meet the expectations.

Customer Lifetime Value: Very important metric again and for businesses where cost per acquisition is too high you ought to consider this metric as this is what is going to make you look profitable in long run, this also shows that the results that agency is bringing is targeting the right audience segment who are willing to pay for your services multiple times.

Traffic to Leads Conversion Rate & Lead to Sales Conversion Rate: These conversion rates vary company by company and industry by industry but are significantly important to keep a check on effectiveness of the campaigns, if either of them is low, it suggests that there is something wrong somewhere.

MRR & ARR (SaaS Business): Monthly Recurring Revenue and Annual Recurring Revenue are the key metrics for any SaaS business and can be used to measure performance of your agency also, it tells you if your campaigns are targeting the right users and bringing in leads that are real users of your product or service.

Net Profit: Finally the metric of all metrics, net profit, this cannot be a direct measure for your agency performance but overall for a business to survive and grow this is the ultimate goal, if you are not in profit you should consider getting back to the drawing board with your agency and make required corrections.

We at Authentic Imaging take data driven decisions and have advanced reporting and custom dashboards set for all our client needs. We proactively let our clients know of a considerable flaw in the campaign strategy or business offerings and prevent business from incurring any loss. Our Google Ads management services offers a comprehensive package with timely reporting on all the key metrics relevant to your business.

pricing Packages

Designed to meet your specific needs


  • Budget: $0-$2000
  • Account Manager
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • All Campaign Types
  • All Channels
  • Landing Page A/B Test
  • Competition Analysis

Setup Fee: $500



  • Budget: $2001-$5000
  • Account Manager
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • All Campaign Types
  • All Channels
  • Landing Page A/B Test
  • Competition Analysis

Setup Fee: $500


  • Budget: $5001+
  • Account Manager
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • All Campaign Types
  • All Channels
  • Landing Page A/B Test
  • Competition Analysis

Setup Fee: $1000

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