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Show you are the better choice of the competition. Increase brand awareness, authority & loyalty. 



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We create branded content

Get original creative content that set your post apart from all other content shared & engaging with your ideal audience who will be interested in your product or services.


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An optimal page with the correct hashtags and keywords will help the right audience find you in the sea of other service providers.


Creating Engaging Social Media Content

Social media pages timeline rewards content based on engagement and watch time. It takes creating smart content to engage your audiences. We will create winning strategies to help you with that.


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Custom Solutions For Your Business

Based on the industry you are in and the product/service you offer, we don’t follow a cookie cutter approach but have a custom strategy for each business

Matching Your Business Theme

Innovative Ad Creatives

Our team of expert designers delivers innovative creative solutions based on your Brand theme.

Speak The Same Language

Engaging Copywriting

Get maximum attention and engagement on your post with creative copywriting.

Custom Dashboards

Metrics That Matters The Most

We build custom dashboards with key performance indicators that matters the most to attain your business goals.

Plan To Scale

Not Limited To What We Get

All our strategies are long term and aimed at getting the required business growth.

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Social Media Marketing

We have a price plan for every business from small to medium and even for large enterprises.

The process is designed such that you get maximum value for the amount you spend.

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Designed to meet your specific needs

Social Media Marketing With Authentic Imaging.

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social Media Marketing is the use of different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube & Snapchat to promote your product or services, engage the users, increase followers, get website traffic, generate leads and sales.

Social media marketing involves a lot of creativity and unique content to drive engagement and at the same time it should also be something that relates to your business and grabs the attention of people who would like your product or services.

Brands make use of a lot of creative post ideas to drive engagement like:

  1. Survey or Poll
  2. Funny Video Clips
  3. Sharing A News
  4. Knowledge Sharing – About the industry
  5. Memes etc.

But what makes Social Media Marketing a success for a brand is:

  1. Unique & useful content
  2. Consistency
  3. Posts customised for each platform

At Authentic Imaging, we develop a firm understanding of the brand and its competition and create content that results into good brand awareness, drives engagement and generate website traffic, we club the following as a regular practice:

  1. Polls/Survey
  2. Contests, Giveaways
  3. Creative Posts – Video Clips, Memes, Gifs, Carousels
  4. Blog Sharing
  5. Product Tagging & Sharing

If you are looking for a successful brand awareness campaign, Look no further, our research based process at setting up Social media marketing campaigns works across industries and verticals.

Philip Agyeman-Budu Billings Enterpreneur

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