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Empty Loads Startup

Journey of Developing a Ride Sharing Delivery App

Watch Philip’s presentation at the 1 million cup as he goes over Empty Loads Slidedeck.






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Building an App Nobody will use is easy.

But building a successful app is difficult and requires working with a partner that has a proven records of building complex app.

Mobile App Consultations

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Why UI/UX is King

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Mobile App Consultation

We believe, having an idea to build an app is one thing, but the execution is a separate thing altogether.

We will provide you consultation a free consultation on how to determine if your idea is worth investing in building an app.

And also help you understand the true cost to develop an app people will use.

iPhone App Development

iPhone users mostly consist of early adopters and have higher spending power. When considering an iPhone app, you want to take into account your market size and the market fit. 

Apps submitted to iTunes typically take longer to get approved than Andriod Apps.

We at Authentic Imaging have a team of expert app developers who assess all possible risks that your app can face while getting published on the Apple Store.  

Android Apps Development

Andriod devices have the largest market share due to how affordable the device is. It is predominantly used worldwide and has a clear identifiable demographic. If you are considering developing an app with Andriod, we will help underline the core device benefit. 

Android applications are more agile in their use of hardware potential and appearance.

Why UI/UX is King

A successful app is heavily dependent on how users find it easy to use.

The team at Authentic Imaging combines user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design to create elegant, intuitive, and user-friendly online platforms for our clients. We are experts in information architecture, usability testing, wireframing and usability tuning. Our designers use the latest technology to create usable, aesthetically-pleasing app that effectively increase user adoption to your app.

Market Your App to Millions

Authentic Imaging will work with you to help improve your app’s visibility, drive more downloads, create video promotions, and discover new ways to make your messaging resonate with users. Our brand-aligned platform will help you connect directly to your users to stay top of mind when it’s time to be downloaded.  

  • Google Firebase
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • TikTok Ads

Mobile App Maintenance

With the constant global and political changes comes the need for apps to constantly comply with policy changes and software updates.

We provide full maintenance of the app we build and provide updates on the ever-changing app marketplace.

  • OS updates
  • Security Updates
  • Policy Compliance Updates

Get a Free Consultation Right Now!

We design the best-in-class mobile applications to ensure your business’s success. Our enterprise grade app development teams build mobile apps using latest programming methods and tools which prevent errors, crashes and ensure high performance. We apply Aptitude Testing Framework which allows us to deliver Application Maintenance Services at lower cost.

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